On May 1st and 2nd 1999 a vintage car meeting was held at the "Autodrome de Montlhéry" where held a vintage cars meeting. This year, for the second edition, there were motorcycles too.

There were about 40 racers from 1920 to 1941. All of them were european made but 2 were american : 1 Harley and 1 Indian. The HD was a racerized WL model and the Indian was the Sport Scout racer owned by Gilles Lequellec.

It was its first apparition since he bought it. They were 4 demonstrations during the week end, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, the races last about 20 minutes.

On the saturday morning the Scout made an amazing way back : starting 15th it arrived 3rd at the 3rd lap and 1st at the 5th lap. It keep this rank till the last lap when a badly tuned Triton passed it.
Richard Schönfeld the pilot was really impressed by the front brake Cyrill the mechanic has adapted on the Scout (this Scout was a dirt track racer before and have no brakes at all), it comes from a BSA Gold Star ; the rear brake comes from an early Scout.

On the Saturday afternoon Gilles wanted to ride the bike even if he had 2 ribs broken in a precedent race with its Norton Manx. He rides only 2 turns before going out of gas !

The Sunday morning I was back to see the third pilot make its first race. He was not very friendly with the bike and do not want to break Gilles' beauty. So no result for this one, he has ever been passed by a René Gillet 750cc (French made flathead V-twin).

On the Sunday afternoon they were only 15 bikes which still stay in the pit because most of the riders have a long way to go back home. The Scout piloted by Cyrill make an excellent job arriving 3rd behind the Triton and a fantastic Triumph sidecar which got the 1st place.

Note these races were only "demonstrations" and if the Scout get a good ranking it is may be because others motorcycles were older.

Cyrill says that he will be back to ride the Scout for the "Coupes Motos Légendes" on May 15th and 16th at the same place (Montlhéry). So if you want to encourage Gilles and Cyrill to win, come on. Montlhéry is situated 30km south of Paris on the N20 just follow the crowd. See you there I hope (the Club will have a stand too).