Indian Chief in Manilla, Nepal and Ouagadougou
by Peter W Drew

raya and aaron with 48 chief after bob markey's restoration 1998. i first purchased and rode this bike in manila in 1988, shipped it with me to ouagadougou, burkina faso, west africa, in 1989, then on to swaziland, southern africa for a couple of years before i shipped it to bob's indian.
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kelly on the newly acquired 48 chief, manila, 1988, long before its restoration by bob markey. this and the 47 were hurriedly purchased from an expatriot bar owner in manila as he was about to be run out of town by the morality police.
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the 48 chief long before the bar owner or i found her, sitting at some auto or bike show. i found this photo on the wall of a small motorcycle repair shop, about a 3 hour drive north of manila, a few months after i bought the bikes. i was chasing a story of possible indian parts in that area, but no luck in finding any. i only found the photo.
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me and the wife on our new found toy, manila 1988.
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the newly acquired 48 chief, u.s. embassy compound manila, 1988. note the customized fenders and dual exhaust.
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47 chief with nepalese ceremonial guards, kathmandu 1998. a professional photo shoot by a french freelance photographer for an unknown french motorcycle publication, the final product of which i never saw.
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another shot of the 47 chief in kathmandu 1997.
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the 47 chief's new kathmandu paint job, kathmandu, nepal, 1999.
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my 47 chief, charles gay's 46 chief and nepalese ken shah's 1931 ford phaeton. charle's 46 was the only indian motorcycle in kathmandu, or nepal for that matter, until i came to town in 1995 with my 47. charles remains there now the proud owner again of the only indian. he bought his bike from a drug user who rode it up to kathmandu from india in the 1970's. the guy later died from an overdose. the side car it had was unfortunately sold for scrap the day before charles was able to close his deal. ford owner ken shah's classic ford was, like many cars back in its day, hand carried over the mountains into the kathmandu valley. ford passengers are jennifer johnson and veronique drilling. american embassy club compound, kathmandu, nepal, 1998.
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each year nepal celebrates an annual religious festival that includes animal sacrifices to protect machinery and vehicles from bad spirits. my 47 was beneficiary of the ceremony but with a little post-celebration light hearted humor, kathmandu, 1997.
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a petrol stop during a long ride from ouagadougou, burkina faso, west africa, to the old french capital bobo diallasso, 115 degrees F, 1990.
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another stop on our hot ride.
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me and the 48 chief outside an african mosque near ouagadougou, 1991.
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more of the mosque with jeff wright and his tenere in ougadougou, 1991.
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more of our long hot ride from ouaga to bobo, 1990.
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we finally arrive at hotel l'auberge in bobo diallasso. despite enjoying a few roadside views of wild game and a pack of pachyderms (besides being roadside oddities ourselves to many of the local people), we were very tired travelers, 1990.
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another stop on our ouaga to bobo trip, 1990.
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buttoning up for the remainder of that long hot trip to bobo, 1990.
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raya in the state of virginia on our 47 chief after bob markey's restoration 1993. i shipped this bike from virginia after restoration to swaziland, southern africa, on to kathmandu, nepal, in 1995, and then to singapore in 1999 where it is until now, 2002.
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the 47 parked in front of nepalese guards riding on horses outside kathmandu convention center, waiting for arriving participants from the peking to paris auto rally during their race stopover, 1998(?).
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